Elements defined


rightsSummary is used as a general free-text element to identify information about copyrights and property rights held in and over an asset or instantiation, whether they are open access or restricted in some way. If dates, times and availability periods are associated with a right, include them. End user permissions, constraints and obligations may also be identified as needed.

Best Practice: For rights information that applies to the asset as a whole, use this element within the container pbcoreRightsSummary. For rights information that is specific to an instantiation of an asset, use it within the container instantiationRights.

Usage: required within pbcoreRightsSummary or instantiationRights if rightsLink or rightsEmbedded is not used; cannot be used with rightsLink or rightsEmbedded; repeatable


  • source: optional | The source attribute provides the name of the authority used to declare the value of the element. Required attribute for pbcoreIdentifier and instantiationIdentifier elements. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • ref: optional | The ref attribute is used to supply a source’s URI for the value of the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • version: optional | The version attribute identifies any version information about the authority or convention used to express data of this element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • annotation: optional | The annotation attribute includes narrative information intended to clarify the nature of data used in the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.


This element does not have any subelements.


<rightsSummary>Copyright belongs to WGBH; distribution rights granted in perpetuity</rightsSummary>
<rightsSummary source="CD case">Copyright 2016 the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and the Donald Voegeli Copyright Trust. All rights reserved. For non-commercial use only. Not for sale. Produced by Jim Voegeli. Funded by Dawn and Jim Voegeli.</rightsSummary>