Elements defined


pbcoreCoverage is a container for subelements coverage and coverageType.

Usage: optional, repeatable


This element cannot have any attributes.


  • coverage: required | coverage refers to either the geographic location or the time period covered by the asset’s intellectual content. For geographic locations (‘spatial’ descriptors), it is expressed by keywords such as place names (e.g. ‘Alaska’ or ‘Washington, DC’), numeric coordinates or geo-spatial data. For time-based events (‘temporal’ descriptors), it is expressed by using a date, period, era, or time-based event that is portrayed or covered in the intellectual content (e.g. ‘2007’ or ‘Victorian Era’). The PBCore metadata element coverage houses the actual spatial or temporal keywords. The companion element coverageType is used to identify the type of keywords that are being used.
  • coverageType: optional | coverageType is used to identify the actual type of keywords that are being used by its companion metadata element coverage. coverageType provides a picklist of two possible types – spatial or temporal – because coverage in intellectual content may be expressed spatially by geographic location or it may also be expressed temporally by a date, period, era, or time-based event.


<!-- No data here directly; it's within sub-elements instead -->
<coverageType annotation="historical">Temporal</coverageType>
<coverageType annotation="current">Temporal</coverageType>
<coverage source="GeoNames" ref="http://www.geonames.org/maps/google_37.208_-76.774">Jamestown, VA</coverage>
<coverage source="latitude, longitude">37.2000,-76.7667</coverage>
<coverageType source="PBCore coverageType" ref="http://pbcore.org/vocabularies/coverageType#spatial">Spatial</coverageType> </pbcoreCoverage>
<coverage source="Wikipedia" ref="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werowocomoco">Werowocomoco</coverage>
<coverageType source="PBCore coverageType" ref="http://pbcore.org/vocabularies/coverageType#spatial">Spatial</coverageType>