Elements defined


essenceTrackFrameSize measures the width and height of the encoded video or image track. The frame size refers to the size of the encoded pixels and not the size of the displayed image. It may be expressed as combination of pixels measured horizontally vs. the number of pixels of image/resolution data stacked vertically (interlaced and progressive scan).

Usage: optional, not repeatable


  • unitsOfMeasure: optional | The unitsOfMeasure attribute defines the unit used in the containing element, e.g. pixels, GB, Mb/s, ips, fps, kHz, inches, lines, dpi. Can be used as an attribute of the following elements - essenceTrackAspectRatio, essenceTrackBitDepth, essenceTrackDataRate, essenceTrackFrameRate, essenceTrackFrameSize, essenceTrackPlaybackSpeed, essenceTrackSamplingRate, instantiationDataRate, instantiationDimensions, instantiationFileSize.
  • source: optional | The source attribute provides the name of the authority used to declare the value of the element. Required attribute for pbcoreIdentifier and instantiationIdentifier elements. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • ref: optional | The ref attribute is used to supply a source‚Äôs URI for the value of the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • version: optional | The version attribute identifies any version information about the authority or convention used to express data of this element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • annotation: optional | The annotation attribute includes narrative information intended to clarify the nature of data used in the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.


This element does not have any subelements.


    <essenceTrackFrameSize source="PBCore essenceTrackFrameSize" ref="http://metadataregistry.org/conceptprop/list/concept_id/1456" annotation="web">
    <essenceTrackFrameSize source="PBCore essenceTrackFrameSize" ref="http://metadataregistry.org/conceptprop/list/concept_id/1461" annotation="full screen">