Elements defined


instantiationExtension is an extension element. Extensions are either a wrapper containing a specific element from another standard OR embedded xml containing the extension.

Best Practice: Use it to supplement other metadata sub-elements of ‘instantiationPart’ or ‘pbcoreInstantiationDocument’ in which it appears.

Usage: optional, repeatable


This element cannot have any attributes.


  • extensionWrap: required ONLY if extensionEmbedded is not used | extensionWrap serves as a container for the elements extensionElement, extensionValue, and extensionAuthorityUsed.
  • extensionEmbedded: required ONLY if extensionWrap is not used | extensionEmbedded is an element allows the inclusion of xml from another schema, e.g. TEI, METS, etc.


<!-- No data here directly; it's within sub-elements instead -->
<extensionAuthorityUsed>http://www.loc.gov/standards/rights/METSRights.xsd</extensionAuthorityUsed> </extensionWrap>