Elements defined


contributorRole is used to identify the role played by the person, people or organizations identified in the companion element contributor. The PBCore schema allows for contributorRole to be repeated in the pbcoreContributor container element. This can be useful when a single person or organization is associated with multiple roles in an asset.

Usage: optional, repeatable


  • portrayal: optional | The portrayal attribute identifies any roles or characters performed by a contributor. Can be used as an attribute of the contributorRole element.
  • source: optional | The source attribute provides the name of the authority used to declare the value of the element. Required attribute for pbcoreIdentifier and instantiationIdentifier elements. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • ref: optional | The ref attribute is used to supply a source’s URI for the value of the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • version: optional | The version attribute identifies any version information about the authority or convention used to express data of this element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.
  • annotation: optional | The annotation attribute includes narrative information intended to clarify the nature of data used in the element. Can be used as an attribute of any element.


This element does not have any subelements.

Controlled Vocabularies


<contributor source="IMDB" ref="https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0189337/">Callie Crossley</contributor>
<contributorRole source="credits">Interviewer</contributorRole>
<contributor source="LC Name Authority">Yo-Yo Ma</contributor>
<contributorRole source="PBCore creatorRole and contributorRole" ref="http://pbcore.org/pbcore-controlled-vocabularies/creatorrole-and-contributorrole-vocabulary/Musician">Musician</contributorRole>