PBCore Handbook

The PBCore Handbook compiles most of the documentation about PBCore available on this website into a downloadable PDF format. Because the documentation covers many topics, we've provided separate downloadable files for each section, as well as a fully compiled version.
PBCore Handbook (Full Version)

The full version of the PBCore Handbook, so you can download all of the sections in one file.

PBCore Handbook Section 1 - What is PBCore

The first section of the PBCore Handbook focuses on a general explanation of PBCore’s intended uses.

PBCore Handboook Section 2 - History and Development

The second section of the PBCore Handbook recounts the history of PBCore’s development and community from version 1.0 to 2.1.

PBCore Handbook Section 3 - Glossary

The third section of the PBCore Handbook provides a glossary of PBCore-specific terms and other terms used throughout the documentation.

PBCore Handbook Section 4 - PBCore Structure

The fourth section of the PBCore Handbook provides a listings of PBCore Root Elements, PBCore Subelements in required order, and example records in plain text and XML format for each of the main categorie of PBCore records.

PBCore Handbook Section 5 - Elements

The fifth section of the PBCore Handbook provides definitions, usage notes, and examples for all of PBCore’s 15 containers and 82 elements.

PBCore Handbook Section 6 - Attributes

The sixth section of the PBCore Handbook provides definitions and usage notes for all of the attributes that can be used to further clarify the information included in an PBCore element’s value.

PBCore Handbook Section 7 - Controlled Vocabularies

The seventh section of the PBCore Handbook provides the terms, definitions, and URIs for all of the PBCore-community-maintained controlled vocabularies.

PBCore Handbook Section 8 - Sample Records

The eigth section of the PBCore Handbook provides real-world example records gathered from organizations that use PBCore and described the differences in the ways each organization uses PBCore for their specific needs.

PBCore Handbook Section 9 - Acknowledgements

The ninth section of the PBCore Handbook acknowledges the granting agencies, organizations, and individuals that have helped to make this documentation available.

PBCore Handbook Section 10 - Apppendix A: PBCore 2.1 XML Schema and Process History

The tenth section of the PBCore Handbook appends to the document the PBCore 2.1 XSD and process history of schema updates from PBCore 2.0 to PBCore 2.1.

PBCore Handbook Table of Contents

The PBCore Handbook’s Table of Contents

PBCore Handbook Title Page

The Title Page for the PBCore Handbook