Teaching PBCore

In March 2019, the WGBH Educational Foundation hosted a two-day workshop titled “Teaching PBCore: Resources for A/V Metadata in the Classroom” with support from NEH. The workshop was designed to support educators teaching metadata at library and archival science programs in developing curriculum materials around PBCore.

After the workshop, attendees supplied sample syllabi, lesson plans, and educational materials for PBCore instruction. These resources are collected here, and may be supplemented in the future with additional PBCore resources provided by trainers and educators.

Shawn Averkamp (New York University) - Sample Syllabus

Joan Beaudoin (Wayne State University) - Sample Syllabus

Snowden Becker (Consulting Archivist) - Workshop Lesson Plan and Slides

Ed Benoit (Louisiana State University) - Sample Syllabus

Yunseon Choi (Valdosta State University) - PBCore Lesson Plan

Karen Gracy (Kent State University) - Sample Syllabus

Jimi Jones (University of Illinois) - Sample Syllabus

Steven MacCall (University of Alabama) - PBCore Learning Components Plan

Alexandra Provo (Pratt University) - XML Lesson Plan and Slides