Sample Records

Demo Records for PBCore Root Elements

Here are some demo PBCore records for each root element, provided in XML and human-readable text format, including a PBCore Asset record, a PBCore Instantiation record, a PBCore Asset record grouping multiple Instantiations, and a PBCore Collection record grouping multiple assets. You can refer to these records to see how PBCore concepts could be implemented in real-world scenarios. Select the Root Element you would like to see an example for below.

DESCRIPTION DOCUMENT: IDENTIFIER: 12345 Source: PBCore Handbook TITLE: Hamlet DESCRIPTION: Filmed production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<pbcoreDescriptionDocument xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<pbcoreIdentifier source="PBCore Handbook">12345</pbcoreIdentifier>
<pbcoreDescription>Filmed production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet</pbcoreDescription>

Real-world Example Records

Here are some example records gathered from organizations that are actually using PBCore. Each organization uses PBCore slightly differently to fit their specific needs. See if any of those needs align with yours, and if you're using PBCore in a different way, contact to add an example record to this page.

CUNY Export from ProTrack: This record is an example of a mapping performed by CUNY TV from ProTrack to export program metadata in PBCore. Note that in this example, instantiationLocation, a required element, is present to confirm to PBCore's specifications but contains no data.
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KLRU Digitized Multitrack Audio Record: This record from KLRU's Austin City Limits digitization project uses multiple instantiationParts to track the relationships between the multi-track audio reels that make up the physical instantiation and the digital master files created for each track during the preservation process.
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Library of Congress MAVIS Export Mapped to PBCore: This is an example of a PBCore-formatted export from MAVIS, the Merged Audio Visual Information System used for the Library of Congress' audiovisual catalog.
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Yale Audio and Video Records: These records, contributed by Yale University Library, represent an audio and a video asset from their mass digitization project. Their audio PBCore was developed with the help of George Blood Audio Video Film Data, and their video PBCore with the assistance of Media Preserve.
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MediaInfo Digital Instantiation Record: This record is an example of the PBCore 2.1 output from MediaInfo. On more for how to use MediaInfo to generate instantiationDocuments, read our blog post.
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American Archive of Public Broadcasting Records: These records are from the PBCore that underlies the American Archive of Public Broadcasting website. The first has multiple physical and digital instantiations in different locations, while, for the other, only the AAPB's digital instantiations are represented.
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Radio Free Europe Video Record: This record features extensive descriptive and subject cataloging, including multilingual titles and the use of a Description element to store a transcript, as well as multiple digital instantiations representing different generations of a file.
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