PBCoreAssetType Vocabulary

pbcoreAssetType is a broad definition of the type of intellectual content being described. Asset types might include those without associated instantiations (a collection or series), or those with instantiations (programs, episodes, clips, etc.)

Best practice: The asset type should broadly describe all related instantiations — for example, if an asset includes many instantiations representing different generations of a program, the asset type ‘program’ remains accurate for all of them.


Album: A collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium.

Animation: A moving image production element created from static drawings or objects.

Clip: A short excerpt taken from a moving image or audio resource. A clip may not convey a complete intellectual concept.

Collection: A group of materials with some unifying characteristic. – 2. Materials assembled by a person, organization, or repository from a variety of sources; an artificial collection.

Compilation: A single asset containing multiple different sub-assets; for example, a reel with programs, clips, and raw footage.

Episode: A single installment of a series, whether linearly relate to other episodes in the series, or simply presented under the same branding.

Miniseries: A multi-episode resource of limited duration, aired daily or weekly, usually with a total running time of less than 15 hours.

Program: A resource that has been prepared for broadcast/publication and is presented as a single work, with no series branding.

Promo: An edited piece of audio or video announcing an upcoming work (like a program or series).

Raw Footage: Originally captured footage or other unedited content, not intended for broadcast in its current form.

Segment: A self-contained portion of a program/episode, which serves its own function, but operates within the larger program/episode.

Series: A set of episodes broadcast in sequence, usually conceived without a definte end and aired on a regular schedule. Typically all episodes within a single series follow a specific theme or continuous storyline, or are all broadcast under the same series title and branding.

Season: A set of episodes from a series, which were all aired in the same broadcast period.

Subseries: A set of episodes that makes up its own series, which is broadcast under an umbrella series with its own branding.

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