What is PBCore?

PBCore is a way to organize information about audiovisual content. PBCore records can easily be shared, allowing information about media assets and collections to be exchanged between organizations and media systems.

Public broadcasting communities in the United States originally developed PBCore so that producers and local stations could better share, manage and preserve their media. Since then, a growing number of moving image archives and media organizations outside of public broadcasting have also adopted PBCore to manage their audiovisual assets and collections.

Key Functions

A guideline for cataloging or describing audiovisual content (as a content standard)

A model for building custom databases/applications

A guideline for identifying a set of vocabularies for fields describing AV assets

A data model for a configurable collection management system (Omeka, Collective Access, etc.)

An exchange (import or export) mechanism between applications

A guideline for creating inventory spreadsheets