PBCore Cataloging Tool

The PBCore Cataloging Tool is designed to support the creation, editing, and export of moving image-related inventory metadata as PBCore XML records. With a user-friendly data entry interface and full support of all PBCore elements and attributes, the tool makes creating valid PBCore XML documents as easy as filling out a spreadsheet. As of the latest version in 2023, the PBCore Cataloging Tool can be used in English or Spanish.

The PBCore Cataloging Tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the PBCore Spreadsheet Templates, and can import and export metadata in the full PBCore Spreadsheet Template format.*

Download complete user documentation.

Advanced Features

  • Ability to batch add metadata across multiple records
  • Ability to save and fill out template records that include all desired element and attribute
  • Ability to conduct search queries on all PBCore records within designated folders

* Please note that the Cataloging Tool currently will only work with the full PBCore Spreadsheet Template and not the abbreviated version or instantiation-only version.

The PBCore Cataloging Tool is an open-source tool written in Java. We welcome contributions, suggestions, and review! Code available here: https://github.com/WGBH-MLA/PBCore-Cataloging-Tool