Upcoming PBCore Events

We’ve got several events coming up in the next two months, including a webinar, an IASA presentation, a workshop, and the annual PBCore Sub-Committee meeting at the Association of Moving Image Archives conference.

Introducing the PBSpace Plugin

September 26th, 2-3 PM ET

Some of you may remember last year’s Hack Day project on developing a PBCore plugin to represent audiovisual content in the open-source archival management system ArchivesSpace. We’re happy to announce that this project is now completed!

WBGH web developer Jason Corum will be presenting the PBSpace plugin at an ArchivesSpace webinar next Thursday, September 26th, 2-3 PM ET. No registration is required for this webinar. You can find more information and a viewing link here.

The code for the plugin is available on GitHub. Check the External Tools and Integrations page of the website for more information about PBSpace, as well as upcoming integrations with Collective Access and Omeka!

Core Developments in Audiovisual Metadata: A Standards Update

International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives Annual Conference
October 2, 11 AM CET
Hilversum, The Netherlands

In this IASA conference panel, representatives of PBCore and EBUCore will discuss the latest developments in the standardization of audiovisual metadata and how those standards can be implemented in real-world use cases. PBCore is primarily an XML-based standard, while EBUCore is both an XML-based standard and a fully-fledged RDF ontology. In 2015, PBCore and EBUCore began the process of developing a roadmap between PBCore XML to EBUCore RDF by unifying the existing vocabularies of both metadata standards. As a result of the NEH-funded PBCore Development and Training Project, a mapping between the two standards is now complete and available on the updated PBCore website, along with updated tools and documentation supporting standardized audiovisual metadata (including a Cataloging Tool, an XML Validator, and improved MediaInfo support, among others). The panel will include demonstrations of the new website and metadata tools, a discussion of the use cases for the PBCore and EBUCore data models and semantic web applications, and a conversation about the future of a/v metadata, including the implications of AI for metadata enrichment.

You can find the full IASA conference schedule and registration information at http://2019.iasa-web.org.

Cataloging the Moving Image: Data Modeling, FRBR, BIBFRAME, and PBCore

Association of Moving Image Archives Annual Conference
November 13, 8:30-5:30 PM ET
Baltimore, Maryland

This highly-interactive workshop will provide participants with real-world strategies to evaluate and implement data models, descriptive standards, controlled vocabularies, and shared data authorities, through practical hands-on exercises. Dynamic presentations will illustrate the role and purpose of putting in place a strong data model for bibliographic description, using BIBFRAME and FRBR examples, and the value of implementing standards such as LCSH, LCGFT, and AAT as data authorities. Participants will put these cataloging and metadata concepts directly into practice utilizing tools emerging from the NEH-funded PBCore Development and Training Project. A special hands-on session will apply genre/form headings to moving images, and show how they are used symbiotically with Library of Congress Subject Headings to describe both what a work is and what it is about.

Participants will complete simple and complex inventory projects using PBCore Inventory Templates; generate detailed PBCore catalog records using the PBCore Cataloging Tool; compare/contrast inventory records, catalog records, and XML records; and validate PBCore XML records using the PBCore XML Validator. Participants will also practice cross walking between different standards. Presenters include well-respected experts in the field who take care to design sessions that are highly engaging and reflect the most current developments in audiovisual archiving. This workshop is sponsored by the Cataloging and Metadata Committee in collaboration with the PBCore advisory subcommittee. This workshop is intended for those with a moderate level of understanding of metadata standards and implementation strategies.

You can find the preliminary AMIA program, including workshops, and registration information at http://www.amiaconference.net/.

Annual PBCore Advisory Sub-Committee Meeting

Association of Moving Image Archives Annual Conference
Date/Time TBD

As usual, the Association of Moving Image Archives Annual Conference will host the meeting of the PBCore Advisory Sub-Committee, at which we’ll present developments over the past year and discuss future directions for the standard. Although the meeting will take place at AMIA in Baltimore, any PBCore users are welcome to join virtually.

This year, we’ll be asking attendees to approve some language changes in PBCore definitions for the forthcoming PBCore Handbook, which will be reflected on the official website. The prospective changes will be circulated through the PBCore Basecamp in the next few weeks so attendees have the opportunity to review, so stay tuned.

We’re also seeking any interested PBCore users to present case studies at the annual meeting of how PBCore is used at their organizations.

If you’re interested in presenting a case study, and/or would like to attend the meeting virtually, contact PBCoreInfo@wgbh.org.