Webinar on instantiationLocation and pbcoreExtension

Back in May, the PBCore Education and Documentation Team hosted a webinar called “More About PBCore: Using instantiationLocation and pbcoreExtension.” Morgan and Sadie had a lot of fun putting the webinar together and talking with PBCore users about these somewhat more obscure, but still very vital, PBCore topics. The recording of the webinar is linked to from our Resources page, so even if you weren’t able to make it to the live presentation, you can still see what we talked about. If you have any questions about instantiationLocation, pbcoreExtension, or any other PBCore elements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Morgan or Sadie and the rest of the Education and Documentation Team. Morgan can be reached at morgan.morel [at] georgeblood [dot] com, and Sadie can be reached at sadie.roosa [at] wgbh [dot] com.