Updated PBCore Controlled Vocabularies

We are excited to announce that updated PBCore Controlled Vocabularies are now available!

Controlled Vocabularies supported in PBCore 2.0 include:

pbcoreAssetType Vocabulary

@dateType Vocabulary

@descriptionType Vocabulary

@titleType Vocabulary

pbcoreRelationType Vocabulary

instantiationRelationType Vocabulary

creatorRole/contributorRole Vocabulary

publisherRole Vocabulary

instantiationPhysical Vocabularies



Vocabularies which relate to technical digital properties, or which are already adequately covered by another standard, will no longer be supported. Deprecated vocabularies remain available for use in legacy systems on the Open Metadata Registry, along with updated vocabularies with URIs. (Please note that Open Metadata Registries URIs in the new vocabularies will only resolve if you copy and paste the web address, rather than clicking directly on the link auto-generated by OMR.)

If you have questions about the new controlled vocabularies, please feel free to join us for PBCore Office Hours this afternoon from 3-4 PM ET! You can find the sign-up sheet here, or just jump in to join us on Google Hangout.