PBCore at Smithsonian Channel

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with the Director of the Library and Archives at Smithsonian Channel, Karma Foley. This summer Smithsonian Channel is migrating to a more robust database, and Karma shared how PBCore is informing this expansion and helping the channel preserve their private collection in a file-based, CollectiveAccess environment. Smithsonian Channel … Read more

PBCore data exchange with the Pop Up Archive

You may have heard about the Pop Up Archive, which if you haven’t, you should. From my vantage point, they are solving a key problem of radio producers (and anyone creating digital audio) by providing: – A simple way to upload and preserve the highest-resolution digital audio files with the Internet  Archive as the back … Read more

WNET-Thirteen Releases its PBCore Cataloging Tool

WNET/Thirteen hereby releases the software of its PBCore Repository Project under the GPLv3 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt). The PBCore Record Repository is an online database tool built on Ruby on Rails, Sphinx search, and MYSQL that was created at WNET/Thirteen to facilitate the import, export, search, creation and modification of PBCore records according to the PBCore 1.2.1 … Read more