PBCore Updates

The PBCore community has been busy this year! As we announced at our annual meeting at AMIA 2016 (minutes available here) we want to share some of what we’ve been working on with the community.

First, we have been working on updating the PBCore Controlled Vocabularies to condense and clarify the terms, and provide better definitions. You can find our working vocabularies here:

PBCore Controlled Vocabularies.

These vocabularies will be open for comment through the end of 2016, after which the final versions will be posted to the PBCore website and shared through the Open Metadata Registry. Please leave comments or suggestions as a comment on this post, or email PBCoreInfo@wgbh.org — and let us know if you’re interested in joining a final discussion session to incorporate suggested changes to the final vocabularies.

We’d also like to share a new beta tool with the community: Descriptive Audio Visual Essentials (DAVE). This Filemaker-based prototype allows for simple PBCore-compliant cataloging of materials by importing or creating records and then adding structured elements.

The most recent version of the tool is available as a Filemaker database, and can be downloaded here:

DAVE Filemaker Database

Use password ‘Test User’ and login ‘password’ to access the Filemaker database.

For those who don’t have Filemaker installed on their machines, a slightly buggier version from a few months back is also available that does not need to be opened with Filemaker:

For Mac
For Windows

These should be opened as user “Data Entry,” with no password required.

We encourage catalogers, developers and Filemaker wizards to play around with the prototype and adapt it for their own cataloging needs. We hope to develop the tool further and provide documentation in coming months, so let us know what you think!