PBCore 2.1 is here!

Following two years of collaborative efforts with PBCore users and audiovisual archivists worldwide, the PBCore Advisory Committee is excited to announce the release of PBCore 2.1, the latest update to the Public Broadcasting Core Metadata Dictionary project for audiovisual materials.

PBCore was initially developed by the public broadcasting community in the United States for producers and local stations to better share, manage, and preserve the media they produce, and has since been adopted by a growing number of film archives and media organizations for its usefulness in managing media assets. PBCore 2.1 marks the sixth update to the XML schema since its launch in 2004. The update is backwards compatible with PBCore 2.0, but provides clearer definitions and more opportunities for granularity in capturing specific source information about metadata.

More detailed information about changes to the schema for PBCore 2.1 is available at the PBCore 2.1 GitHub repository.

Additionally, we are happy to announce the launch of a new and improved PBCore website, with a new design and more content for improved usability and documentation. Redevelopment of the site was informed by the community of PBCore users, who wanted better guidance on use of PBCore schema and clear definitions of each element. The site was built on WordPress, and includes many improved features, including search, new layout for element pages, and improved resources for starting off with XML and PBCore. Additional improvements we will make to the site going forward include more example XML with use case histories, a community contributed user guide, and more.

Visit the site at www.pbcore.org, and let us know your thoughts in the issues section of our schema Github repository, or via email to pbcoreinfo@wgbh.org.

With the completion of PBCore 2.1 and the launch of the new website, we look forward to focusing our efforts on education and support of the PBCore user community…and gathering your comments, questions, and suggestions for the next phase of development: PBCore 3.0!