Join us for the PBCore Sub-Committee Meeting at AMIA!

Once again, at this year’s annual AMIA PBCore Sub-Committee meeting in Portland, we’ll be looking ahead to determine PBCore’s development strategy for the year ahead.

Agenda items include:

– developing a roadmap to PBCore 3.0
– discussing PBCore harmonization with other standards, such as EBUCore, and ongoing work on PBCore/EBUCore RDF
– outreach tactics and resources to make sure the community is getting the most out of PBCore

You can see the full agenda here:

The meeting will take place on Friday, November 20, from 12-1 PM in the Directors room of the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. All are welcome! Whether you’re interested in becoming involved with ongoing PBCore development, want to share your suggestions for how PBCore could better serve your needs, or just curious about what’s been going on in this corner of the metadata world, we’re excited to get your input.

Also, while you’re blocking out your AMIA schedule, don’t forget to check out our session “Metadata Grand Unified Theory: PBCore, EBUCore, and the Semantic Web” on Thursday, November 19 from 4:45-5:45 PM in Galleria South, where representatives of PBCore and EBUCore will tell the story of the EBUCore-PBCore collaboration and other developments over the past year to ensure that PBCore continues to become increasingly usable and interoperable.

Full session description below:

Jack Brighton, Institute for Nonprofit News

Casey Davis, WGBH
Evain Jean-Pierre, EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
Morgan Morel, George Blood Audio/Video/Film
Rebecca Fraimow, WGBH

The adoption of PBCore in the United States has paralleled the rise of EBUCore in Europe as core metadata standards for audiovisual materials. During the past year, the two communities have formed a working group to explore ways to align PBCore and EBUCore for interoperability. Coinciding with the release of the PBCore 2.1 Schema in May 2015, it was decided to stop reinventing existing vocabularies, and instead leverage excellent work already completed by the European community. This paves the way for the adoption by PBCore of the EBUCore ontology, and unifying the vocabularies of both metadata standards. This means PBCore users can now also take advantage of EBUCore’s integration with RDF and semantic web applications. During this session, working group leaders from EBUCore and PBCore will tell the story of this work, and how it can be leveraged by users of both communities.

Looking forward to seeing you there!