PBCore on GitHub is now public

In the interests of community, transparency and sustainability, the PBCore team has decided to make the PBCore 2.0 respository on GitHub a public repository. It is a bit unusual to approach a metadata standard like it were an open source application, but we found GitHub to be helpful in our process for developing PBCore 2.0 … Read more

Final PBCore 2.0 Change Requests

Here is the final PBCore 2.0 changes document, which builds on the iterative work to define the PBCore requirements that’s been shared in previous postings here. With the PBCore 1.3 requirements addressing American Archive’s needs, version 2.0 addresses additional requirements for American Archive and includes changes culled from the recent public change request process. Final … Read more

Change Requests so far… Submit yours!

We are still gathering change requests for PBCore 2.0, to be published in November, 2010. Any requests submitted by July 25, 2010 will be considered for PBCore 2.0. Requests submitted after July 25th will be recorded for the next version of PBCore. Change requests collected thus far are attached to this post as an Excel file. We will be adding more requests as we receive them. Please submit yours, comment on other requests, and add your voice to the PBCore 2.0 process!