PBCore Presents at the American Archives Pilot Project Conference

As PBCore finds itself used in a multitude of settings, databases, media information systems, and organizations, it is appropriate to “Re-Reconnoiter” with the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary, particularly with regard to the American Archive Pilot Project (AAPP). At the September 2009 conference, hosted by Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, Oregon, PBCore was re-visited, highlighting its … Read more

WNET-Thirteen Releases its PBCore Cataloging Tool

WNET/Thirteen hereby releases the software of its PBCore Repository Project under the GPLv3 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt). The PBCore Record Repository is an online database tool built on Ruby on Rails, Sphinx search, and MYSQL that was created at WNET/Thirteen to facilitate the import, export, search, creation and modification of PBCore records according to the PBCore 1.2.1 … Read more

PBCore v1.2 in on the Horizon

A portion of the original PBCore v1.1 metadata dictionary is changing into what will be known as PBCore v1.2. The justification for changes to the PBCore schema is to better accommodate the possibility that a media asset may have multiple instantiations, all the same except for technical attributes. Thus, metadata elements that describe a media … Read more

PBCore Featured in CURRENT, 12.17.2007

CURRENT is the publication about the public television and radio industry in the USA. In the December 17, 2007 issue, Marcia Brooks (project manager for the PBCore project during the last several years) writes about the PBCore Metadata Dictionary. The article updates us on the past, current, and future events surrounding PBCore and its usage … Read more

PBCore v1.1 XSD is Published!

The PBCore v1.1 XML Schema Definition (XSD) is published! For a complete discussion on what this means for the advancement of PBCore and facilitating our Community of Practice, see http://pbcore.org/PBCore/PBCoreXMLSchema.html. Since the initial publication (April 2005) of the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary (PBCore), many stations, organizations and information systems have begun to use its 53 … Read more

PBCore Version 1.1 is Published!

We are excited to announce that Version 1.1 of PBCore is released. Since the initial publication (April 2005) of the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary–PBCore v1.0, many stations, organizations and information systems have used its 48 elements to describe the intellectual content, property rights, and instantiations/formats of their media items and intellectual properties. During this last … Read more

PBCore Version 1.0 is Published!

The Working Groups for the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are enthusiastically pleased to announce the the PBCore set of media descriptors, v1.0 is now published! The dictionary of metadata elements, their descriptions, and usage guidelines are ready for you to review in the PBCore User Guide. With the … Read more

Summary Report for the PBMD Test Implementations of the PBCore

Alan Baker (Test Implementation Phase Director), Marcia Brooks, (PBMD Project Director) There was a sincere belief by all participants in the Test Implementation Phase that their organization, and public broadcasting at large, needs something like the PBCore to be widely available, and in use by a majority of public broadcasters, if they are going to … Read more

Summary Report for the PBMD Request for Comments Surveys for PBCore

Steven R. Vedro (RFC Phase Director), Marcia Brooks, (PBMD Project Director), Paul E. Burrows and Eric R. Carlson (RFC Survey Instruments) Beginning in January 2002 a team of public broadcasting station and national network representatives and invited guest experts worked to develop a draft metadata dictionary for public broadcasting. This effort, managed by WGBH/Boston under … Read more