Updated PBCore Controlled Vocabularies

We are excited to announce that updated PBCore Controlled Vocabularies are now available! Controlled Vocabularies supported in PBCore 2.0 include: pbcoreAssetType Vocabulary @dateType Vocabulary @descriptionType Vocabulary @titleType Vocabulary pbcoreRelationType Vocabulary instantiationRelationType Vocabulary creatorRole/contributorRole Vocabulary publisherRole Vocabulary instantiationPhysical Vocabularies Audio Film Video instantiationMediaType instantiationGenerations Vocabularies which relate to technical digital properties, or which are already adequately … Read more

PBCore Office Hours Experience

Guest post by Kathryn Gronsbell and Lisa Barrier, Carnegie Hall Archives Ever sat clicking between tabs of online documentation, trying to figure out how to develop your data model to intersect with an existing schema? At Carnegie Hall, we base our in-house cataloging requirements on a mix of standards that best represent our collection of … Read more

Announcing: PBCore Office Hours

sign saying open office hours

The PBCore team has been very much focused on improving our documentation and training for anyone interested in PBCore metadata. One thing we thought might be helpful would be a monthly “office hours” session, open to anyone with questions, projects, etc. We held the first PBCore Office Hours session in January, and wow, several people showed up! And we were actually able to help them with their PBCore projects. It was a brilliant use of everyone’s time, and it’s clearly something we should continue

So we’re announcing our second PBCore Office Hours this coming Thursday, March 16th, from 2 to 3 pm Eastern time.

Anyone is welcome to attend without further complication, RSVP, etc., but we do have this lovely sign up sheet for those who would like a dedicated 20-minute claim to our attention:

Please sign up here: http://bit.ly/2j1NS3i

The Google Hangout link is: http://bit.ly/2iWKPXF

(Note: You may need to first sign in to Google with your Google username, or risk getting the dreaded Hangout Hangup.)

PBCore Office Hours is intended for archivists of all persuasions. There is no requirement that you are a current PBCore user or “know PBCore.”  Please sign up or just join us for any PBCore-related reason whatsoever, and we’ll do our very best to help.

WGBH Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to Support Public Media Content Management Tools and Training

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE WGBH Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to Support Public Media Content Management Tools and Training $345,000 will support training materials for PBCore metadata management   Boston, Mass. (December 14, 2016) – WGBH Educational Foundation is pleased to announce that the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded WGBH a … Read more

Join us for the PBCore Sub-Committee Meeting at AMIA!

Once again, at this year’s annual AMIA PBCore Sub-Committee meeting in Portland, we’ll be looking ahead to determine PBCore’s development strategy for the year ahead. Agenda items include: – developing a roadmap to PBCore 3.0 – discussing PBCore harmonization with other standards, such as EBUCore, and ongoing work on PBCore/EBUCore RDF – outreach tactics and … Read more

PBCore 2.1 is here!

Following two years of collaborative efforts with PBCore users and audiovisual archivists worldwide, the PBCore Advisory Committee is excited to announce the release of PBCore 2.1, the latest update to the Public Broadcasting Core Metadata Dictionary project for audiovisual materials. PBCore was initially developed by the public broadcasting community in the United States for producers … Read more

PBCore 2.1 Schema pre-release: Comments wanted!

The PBCore Schema and Documentation teams have completed their revision of the 2.1 schema and definitions, and have now opened a formal call for comments period before launch.  You can see the final draft of the XSD with updated documentation in our brand-new PBCore 2.1 GitHub repository: https://github.com/WGBH/PBCore_2.1; We really want feedback before the official release, … Read more

Report of the PBCore Ontology Hackathon

The following post was re-blogged from the American Archive of Public Broadcastingand was written by Karen Cariani, Director of the WGBH Media Library and Archives and Project Director for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. This past weekend a group of dedicated PBCore enthusiasts met prior to the Code4Lib conference in a suburban Portland, Oregon … Read more